Reassembly of dispensing systems
New Lifespan Service Program



As with our maintenance program for lifespan extension, we will restore the original
technical condition of your dispensing system. In addition, we will give your machines
a new appearance by applying a new finish, and if requested, in any color of your

We will even technically overhaul and refinish older systems. Upon request, your
machine can be finished in the color of your choosing, to underline your corporate
logo or to highlight product lines.

As a part of a comprehensive reassembly of a system, we can expand the machine's
capacities or give it a new configuration. In the event of a switchover to a paste
system, such ideas are often a particularly clever move.

The objective of this reprocessing program is to restore the system to its original
technical condition, or to modify it for a new purpose with a new appearance. One
special advantage of this maintenance program is the option for customized technica
l and visual modification. Whether you need modernization or extended technical
functions, we will custom-build your system to meet your requirements.



Economic benefits

Technical benefits
  use of existing resources
  customized functional modification, instead of new acquisition
  maintenance costs: direct write-off
  save one service interval
  customized modification
  technical expansions
  customized finish color
  functions like new