Lifespan extension
Extended Lifespan Service Program


We will restore your dispensing system back to its original condition. Extend the
operational lifespan of your existing paint mixing machine instead of buying a new one.

Even with regular maintenance, the functionality of dispensing systems is often impaired
after several years of use. The occurrence of technical problems increases, making
trouble-free operation impossible in the long term.

Instead of replacing your dispensing system with a new unit, a major overhaul of the
entire system is a sensible alternative. The objective of this reprocessing program is to
restore the system to its original technical condition, in order to extend the lifespan of the
machine by at least as much as the previous operating period.

This involves dismantling the system down to its base structure. All assemblies and
components are disassembled down to their individual parts, cleaned, and reassembled.
During the reassembly process, the target and actual condition of each individual part is
tested, and it is replaced if necessary. All seals and screw connections are replaced.


Economic benefits

Technical benefits
  maintenance costs: direct write-off
  overall reduction of costs
  no costs for system switchover
  less expensive, tested, used spare parts
  functions like new
  new seals and screw connections
  thorough cleaning
  touch up of painted finish