Perfecting simplicity – HERO cleverly makes the most of this technology!

HERO has taken a very futuristic approach to their dispensing system technology, which is based on astoundingly simple principles and comes very close to technical perfection. The design uses an eccentric screw pump, also known as PCP (progressive cavity pump). This results in a significantly lower susceptibility to malfunctions and does not require the use of valves of any kind.

You benefit from a higher reliability rate and, consequently, fewer interruptions to your operational procedures. This, combined with the extremely attractive pricing, offers you the best possible efficiency.

The technological development of eccentric screw pumps over the last few decades has led to a previously unknown reliability rate, largely due to the availability of extremely high-quality materials. The absence of eccentric screw pumps in today's production technology and test engineering is unthinkable. Due to the simple design of these pumps, they are comprised of only a small number of individual components and have an extremely low failure rate. After many years of successful use in applications such as dosing adhesives, CD coatings, sealing agents, minute quantity filling processes, and countless other processes, it only stands to reason that this pump technology would eventually find its way into paint mixing machines. The design engineers at HERO recognized the potential benefits of this pump technology and initially used it to build a completely functional paint dispensing system. The best technological solution is always the simplest, which is why the dispensing circuit is made up of only a few individual components.

We took a closer look at this innovative approach. A unit from the Archimede line was completely dismantled and subjected to a rigorous series of tests – after all, with this being one of our key focuses, we understand the inner workings of dispensing systems. As reprocessing, maintenance, and repair specialists, our expert technicians can identify possible weak points very quickly. Because the design does not involve the use of dispensing valves, a whole series of potential error sources is eliminated. Just by performing minimal machine upkeep procedures, the dispensing nozzles can be kept from drying out.

The obvious conclusion for Oldus:
HERO dispensing technology should maintain its course, the technological concept is absolutely convincing and seems to be teaching other manufacturers the meaning of fear. It remains to be seen what cataclysmic impact the challenger HERO, with its robust technology, will have on the paint mixing machine market.

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